Edoboy Standing Sushi Bar: A ‘Must-Do’ Experience In Orlando!

WOW. This was the word of the night when we visited Edoboy Standing Sushi Bar. However, this was not the word my husband said when I first told him about having to ‘stand’ and ‘eat’ at this experience. I say experience, because that’s what it is. Don’t let the ‘standing’ part scare you. This is an absolutely delightful and delicious experience, that I highly recommend! Join me as we explore the origins of this remarkable sushi restaurant, learn about the creative minds behind it, and discover how to secure a reservation for this unique dining experience.
group of friends waiting to get into Edoboy Sushi in orlando
Edoboy Standing Sushi Bar, Orlando’s first standing sushi bar, was born out of a deep passion for Japanese cuisine and a desire to introduce a unique sushi experience to food enthusiasts. Founded by DOMU & Tori Tori proprietor Sean “Sonny” Nguyen, Edoboy is inspired from his and his wife’s travels through the streets of Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. Fun fact: In Japan, standing sushi bars are quite popular! It’a a way to get high quality sushi, at reasonable prices, in an intimate casual environment. The name Edoboy was inspired by the rich culinary heritage of Edo, the former name of Tokyo. So what can you expect? Edoboy is located in the artful Mills 50 district on Thornton Ave. You’ll find plenty of parking in the lot directly in front of this modest restaurant, and plenty of on-street parking, as well. As was mentioned, this is an intimate casual experience, and holds only 8 people at a time. You will have a time-slot of 1-hour (don’t be late) and need a reservation! Hours of operation: Thursday-Monday 4:00-10:00. We had a 4:00pm reservation, and upon arriving we waited outside until the host checked us in. Once we were brought inside, the lovely staff showed us where to stand. You are also each given an ordering sheet to mark your pieces. It’s important to note that each person is limited to 12 pieces of sushi. Due to the time available for each guest, this is a “rule”. Each spot in this restaurant has a front row view of Head Chef Tyler Inthavongsa and Second Chef Francis Varias, both master sushi makers.
All I can say is, Edoboy Standing Sushi Bar is a ‘Must-Do’ experience for sushi lovers. This is where you can witness the artistry of sushi-making up close and personal. As you stand at the bar, you can engage with these skilled sushi chefs, observe their techniques, and have the most delicious and fresh sushi prepared right before your eyes! Some of our favorite pieces: Akamai (Bluefin Tuna) from Spain, Hamachi (Yellowtail) from Japan, Sake (Salmon) from the Faroe Island, Aburi Aka Ebi (red prawn with uni butter) a torched nigiri, and a Temaki hand roll with Blue Crab and Truffle Kewpie Mayo! Wow!…was all we could say. Beyond any sushi I’ve had before. And don’t skip the Miso soup or Matcha S’mores! I made the mistake of not ordering my own s’more…I will not make that mistake twice!
Are you interested in taking this journey for yourself? To ensure you don’t miss out on this extraordinary MICHELIN Guide dining experience, it’s a must to make a reservation.

Reservations can be made by clicking here!

Due to the popularity of this unique sushi bar, it is advisable to book when times drop, Monday at 12:00pm via Resy for the current week. Edoboy Standing Sushi Bar is not just a sushi restaurant; it is an experience that immerses you in the artistry and flavors of Japan. So, if you’re seeking an unforgettable dining adventure, make sure to grab a reservation and prepare to be wowed! What are you waiting for?!

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