Epcot’s Tutto Italia Ristorante Review

I walk through the doors of Epcot’s Tutto Italia Ristorante I immediately feel a sense of warmth. Maybe, it’s the smell of garlic and olive oil? As we approach the hostess stand, we’re greeted by an older Italian man…”Buongiorno”! I think this is gonna be good!

Entrance to tutto Italia restaurant
Dining room at Tutto Italia Epcot

It’s mid afternoon and we don’t have a reservation. But, not to worry, we are offered an inside or outside patio table. We opt for the inside table. It’s beautiful. I see sparkling chandeliers, murals the walls, and rich wood paneling on the section we are seated in. Very cozy! Right away we are brought olives, olive oil, and assorted bread. And of course, big smiles from our Italian waiter!

green olives on a white plate with a side dish of olive oil at Epcot's tutto Italia restaurant

We start looking over the menu. As to be expected this restaurant is a bit pricey….but if it’s good, I don’t mind!

a white menu with black and red lettering

Click here for the full lunch/dinner menu!

We are offered still or sparkling…very Italian! I order still and a Peroni (Italian Beer). My son ordered sparkling. I also decide to order an antipasti…. Arancini – Shrimp and Lobster fried risotto balls!! Umm, yes, please!

Arancini-Fried risotto with Shrimp & Lobster

This was so good! Although, I didn’t notice any lobster, it did have a few shrimp inside. The red sauce was very good, as well! So far so good! Now, on to the mains. My son ordered the Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto….minus the peas. And I ordered the Caprese Panini.

Pasta in cream sauce
Tortellini Panna e Prosciutto
Panini sandwich with a salad
Caprese Panini w/Arugula Salad

Aren’t they beautiful?!….Am I the only one that appreciates food as art?? Delizioso! The tortellini was truly amazing. That sauce was to die for and I kept dipping the leftover bread into it. So good. My sandwich and salad were very good too. Of course, not as decadent as the pasta, but very good. The table next to us ordered the lasagna….that looked scrumptious. I will order that next time!

Unfortunately, we are too full for dessert. Cannoli, tiramisu, gelato, chocolate hazelnut cake, and lemon ricotta cheesecake! All would have been amazing, I’m sure. Perhaps, next time! We thoroughly enjoyed this dining experience and I plan to visit again!

Outdoor seating at Tutto italia restaurant
Epcot’s Italy Pavilion

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Thanks for reading! See ya in the parks!

Xo Autumn

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