Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream: A Delightful Sweet Treat in Orlando,FL

Caramel cookie ice cream in a pink and white cup

Orlando, Florida, is known for its theme parks and attractions, but amidst the hustle and bustle, there lies a hidden gem that will transport you to a world of creamy indulgence. I’m talking about ice cream! But not just any ice cream…Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream, a local favorite that offers a delightful array of handcrafted frozen treats that will leave your taste buds craving for more. We visited her flagship location (yes, there are many locations) in Orlando. Read on to see what makes Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream so special and why it has become a must-visit destination for ice cream enthusiasts in Orlando.

entrace to Kelly's homemade ice cream shop

Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream is the brainchild of Kelly Seidl, a passionate ice cream aficionado who turned her childhood dream into a reality. What started with one food truck has turned into multiple scoop shops and counters throughout the community. All because of their commitment to using only the finest ingredients and a dedication to the art of ice cream making. It’s no wonder Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream has become so popular!

a large pink and white ice cream menu

One of the highlights of Kelly’s is its extensive range of flavors. She’s always featuring something new and unique. The first thing I noticed on this featured menu list: Cracker jack, Moon Pie, and Double Bubble! Yum! On her signature menu are more classic favorites like Mint Chocolate Chip, Vanilla, and Strawberry. As well as more adventurous options like: Cookie Monster, Banana Pudding, and Peanut Butter Cookie. There is something to suit every palate. The team at Kelly’s constantly experiments with new flavors, ensuring that each visit brings a delightful surprise.

And for my vegan or non-dairy eaters…Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream offers a range of non-dairy options. These flavors change seasonally, but be assured you will experience the same creamy goodness without compromising on taste.

I thought the interior had a super cute and inviting vibe. It had that old school ice-cream parlor feel, with whimsical pink and white ice cream-themed decor. It creates a delightful ambiance that adds to the overall experience.

pink and white walls at Kelly's  ice cream shop

As I mentioned earlier, we visited Kelly’s first ‘Scoop Shop’ located on Corrine Dr. in Orlando. However, there are many ‘Scoop Shops and Counters’ in Orlando and across Florida. Even as far away as Ponte Vedra, St. Pete, and St. Augustine. Here is the full list of locations.

chocoate ice cream in a waffle bowl
Chocolate PB Brownie & Cracker Jack

I can see why this ice cream is so popular! Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream, is the place for ice cream enthusiasts seeking a taste of artisanal craftsmanship and unique flavors. With its commitment to quality, locally sourced ingredients, and a welcoming atmosphere, it has become a beloved destination for locals and tourists alike. So, the next time you find yourself in Orlando, make sure to indulge in the delight of Kelly’s Homemade Ice Cream and experience a frozen treat like no other!

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