Fairytale Dining at Cinderella’s Royal Table, Is It Worth It?

view of Cinderlla's Castle at Disney World

If you’ve been to Disney World, you know Cinderella’s Castle. She’s the center piece of the park and demands attention!

Did you know you can go inside this stunning building? Well, you can! As long as you have a reservation to Cinderella’s Royal Table!

cinderella's royal table sign

If you are a Disney fan, or have little Prince/Princesses of your own, should this Fairytale Dining experience be on your list of ‘Must-Do’s’? Keep reading to see!

Important Info: Cinderella’s Royal Table

  • This is a table service character meal experience
  • Located in Fantasyland at the Magic Kingdom
  • You need a park ticket and park reservation for each guest
  • Available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner
  • The cost to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table for Breakfast is $65 per Adult and $39 per Child (ages 3 to 9).
  • The cost to dine at Cinderella’s Royal Table for Lunch or Dinner is $79 per Adult and $47 per Child (ages 3 to 9).
  • Reservations are very difficult to get for Cinderella’s Royal Table, especially for breakfast. Call 60 days in advance for reservations. If staying at a Disney resort, call 60 days in advance and ask for availability during all days of your stay.
  • A credit card number is required at time of booking and you will be charged the entire amount upon booking.

Once you check-in you are brought into the Majestic Grand Hall to meet Cinderella.

Side note: Be aware that just because you have a reservation does not mean you will not wait for your table. Due to the nature of this ‘experience’, you may end up waiting anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour (or so I heard). We waited about 20 minutes for our table. But while you are waiting you will have an opportunity to see and take pictures with Cinderella herself! How lovely, especially for your little ones. The setting is truly out of a storybook!

cinderella's knight's armor

Once your family is called, it’s time to ascend the stone walled round staircase..(or take the elevator, if necessary.) Now is the time to get ready for a truly whimsical experience!

Dining room inside Cinderella's Castle

I found this room to be absolutely beautiful! With its plush tapestries, outfitted in red and purple velvet, and glowing with light coming through stained-glass castle windows. Yes, it’s a real-life fairytale! Now let’s talk about the food…are you really here for the food? Honestly, probably not. It’s about the ambiance, characters, and the fact that you are inside the castle! That being said, the food was very good. Not exceptional, but quite good!

So I got the Jumbo Shrimp, the grilled Beef Tenderloin, and The Clock Strikes Twelve dessert. Which was a Dark Chocolate Mousse with a Caramel and Crunchy Praline Center, served with Chocolate Sauce and Hazelnut Gelato. Yum.

My friend, got the Braised Beef to start, Red Snapper for Entree, and the Cheesecake for dessert. She also got The Belle of the Ball Pinot Noir Flight. I got the Royal Sparkling Flight, which features a Champagne made especially for the Cinderella Castle. Although you pre-paid for your meals, any alcohol you order is billed after your meal. For those that have an annual pass, get them out. You can give it to your server and you will recieve a credit back to your credit card for the pass discount!

Tiaras and glittering gowns are optional, although young guests are encouraged to dress up for the occasion.

I would recommend this experience, but maybe not to everyone. Here are my thoughts:

  • It is expensive. So if being in a fairytale does not excite you, you may want to pass.
  • If you have very small children that don’t like to be confined to a table and are vocal about it, you may want to pass.
  • If you are strict about staying on schedule, you may want to pass.
  • Are you curious about what it’s like to be in a castle? This is for you!
  • Did you want to be a Princess? This is for you!
  • Are you proposing to a girl who wants to be a Princess? This is for you!
  • Do you want to meet Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and others? This is for you!

I know we had a blast! For certain people, Cinderella’s Royal Table should be on your ‘Must-Do’ list. It is a unique experience that you will never forget! It is truly a one-of-a-kind Fairytale Dining experience!

Thanks for reading!

Xo Autumn

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